Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Arrival Dinner

Our group arrived on Saturday - some from Rome, some from Venice, some from the states and a few from the coast. So for this reason, we kept first night’s dinner low key and all walked down to the local pizzeria after getting settled. Coming from the larger cities, everyone was pleasantly surprised at the low cost and good quality of the pizza, the large fresh salads from local gardens, overflowing bowls of pasta of course, and carafes of locally produced wine and Italian beer. Our young waitress Barbara seemed genuinely enthused to take our order and tried her best to speak English to make sure she understood our wishes. She like many young Italians love America and hope to visit someday.
We all sat at one long table out on the patio enjoying the fresh Tuscan country air. Only an occasional scooter screamed by keeping us alert to the contrasts of the old and new and slow and fast co-existing and intertwined in daily life - all part of the rhythm of the land.

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