Thursday, May 29, 2008

The wine, the land, the people...

If you have even the slightest knowledge of Italian wines – chances are you’ve heard of Banfi – One of the largest producers in Tuscany famous for Brunello.

Today I visited Castello Banfi and all its splendor. I was promptly greeted by the events coordinator Serena Rossi - a bright, casual yet very astute young woman who I imagined to be just as comfortable in the company of kings and queens as she seemed to be with me. I could go on about how grand this estate is with its large and wildly romantic rooms and suites, its Michelin star restaurant (also wildly romantic) and of course their extensive wine shop all encircling the magnificent 12th century Castello Banfi – But even more enchanting are the people of Tuscany – genuine and kind. They hold a great respect for their culture, their land, their traditions. It is rare to receive anything other than very gracious hospitality in the countryside of Tuscany – It is no wonder that these Castles that dot this wonderful land have been hosting guests for over 900 years.

And on a smaller scale, but no less important, the waiter that served you last year will most likely be the one to serve you again this year. Full of pride and desire to please, this above all, is the real reason why Tuscany is so enchanting. Scenery and grand estates are only the small portion… It is the Tuscans that make up the true beauty of Tuscany.

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